Picture Stamper 2.0.0 Released!

Just released Picture Stamper Version 2.0.0. Here is a brief list of changes:

  • Added Drag and Drop (Now you can simply drag and drop images and folders to add them in Picture Stamper)
  • Added more file type support (*.bmp *.dib *.jpeg *.jpg *.jpg *.jp2 *.png *.webp *.pgm *.pbm *.ppm *.sr *.ras *.tiff *.tif *.xbm *.xpm)


Head to Picture Stamper page to download this latest release.

CamStylus version 0.9.1 released!


Today I released the first official version of CamStylus program. It is a free program (currently only for Windows) which allows interaction with your PC using your webcam. It is still at the very early stages of development so keep your expectations real. I am going to update this program more and more whenever I get some spare time to make it more easier to use.

Please check out this project’s website for more information.


You can always access the latest version from Download page at CamStylus website.

Image Transformer Update (Color Space Visualizer Added)

I recently updated Image Transformer. New GUI, new functions and lots of fixes and optimizations.

Below are some screenshots that demonstrate its usage.

Here is the description of the recent update as it is seen in Google Play.

This program allows you to perform Fourier transform and color space analysis on images from gallery and taken from camera.

Using this application you can:
* View any image from your images gallery or taken using the camera
* Use basic editing tools to resize or rotate the images
* Use Fourier transformation tab to perform DFT (Discreet Fourier Transform) and perform Inverse DFT on the images
* Apply masks to different parts of the Fourier transformation of the image and perform Inverse DFT to view the changes in the original images
* Perform Canny transform on the images
* Perform Color Space Conversion From/To RGB, HSV, YUV and other major Color Spaces
* Save the result image to your phone’s memory

Masking the Fourier transformation can be achieved by drawing rectangles over the transformed image. It is also possible to apply an image that is taken from camera or opened from gallery as a binary threshold mask. Do not forget to perform Inverse Fourier to see the results of masking.

This program is intended to be used by image processing and machine vision enthusiasts, researchers and university students who need to experiment with Fourier transformation and Color Space Conversions. It is built totally using open source components such as Qt and OpenCV and parts of the source code can be requested using the “Contact Me” page at my website.

Use the following button to download the most recent version from Google Play.

image transformer download