Image Transformer (Fourier Transform App for Android)

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UPDATE: This application is updated. Please read this post for more information. My new application is a tool for for performing Fourier transformation on images. You can then apply masks to the Fourier representation of image and revert back (perform Inverse Fourier Transform) to see how the image gets affected. For more information about Fourier […]

OpenCV Feature Points Comparison Program (Executable + Source Code)

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This program allows you to benchmark algorithms in OpenCV related to object detection using key points. It allows you to set all the required parameters using a simple interface and search for an object in a scene and view the results. This program is written in C++ using Qt and it uses OpenCV libraries. Please […]

CATOX 2000

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CATOX 2000 is a fully automatic metal sheet cutting system built by Ahmadi Industrial Group during 2000’s. It is able to get AutoCAD drawings as an input and cut the drawing from a metal sheet (iron, steel and any other metal type depending on the cutter section of the machine which can be Oxygen-Propane, Plasma or Laser) […]

EasyWiki (Android application)

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You can now download the English version of Seslen program from Google Play. It’s called EasyWiki. It uses Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition. No typing is needed and it also works with the hands free button. It can be downloaded from Google Play at the link below: Enjoy! 🙂

Seslen (Android Application)

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This program allows you to search for an article in Turkish version of Wikipedia using your microphone (Speech Recognition) and listen to the results using Android’s internal Text-To-Speech engine. Simple and useful! English version will be out soon 🙂


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Opticount is a highly accurate sheet-counting machine used mostly in packaging industry. This machine uses sophisticated electronic components (sensors and cameras) along with recently developed methods and algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence, image processing and machine vision. Opticount is currently being manufactured and sold by Paxan ( Visit for more information!