How To Mix C++ And Java Code (In Qt For Android)

Qt allows you to use Java code in your Android applications. This is the same code that Android Studio (or Eclipse etc.) users use when they are writing applications for Android. In Qt, by default, you are limited to C++ code and what the Qt modules have to offer (which in most cases are enough) but there are certain situations where you need to use something from Android API which is not provided in Qt. An obvious example for this can be using the default Android Galley to open a picture, or using Text-To-Speech engine or any other API that you can think of. If you don’t want to be limited to what is provided by Qt while writing Android apps then follow the steps below to be able to add Java code to your Qt project.

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How to make an application “Alway on Top” in C++ (For Qt and Win32)

I use the following method to make an application remain on top of other windows in Qt:


Note that window_top_pos, window_left_pos, window_width and window_height are variables and you can replace them with your own.

Please be aware that this is a Win32 API function so it won’t work in Linux or MAC.

Don’t forget to add the include file to your code.

#include “windows.h”

And add the required library to your .PRO file.

LIBS += -luser32