Qt Build Configure Options

I usually need to select a variety of options for building Qt depending on what I need and what I don’t need and strangely enough it is not easy to find the list of available options in the documentations so here it is.

Below is the list of all configure options for building Qt. It is taken from Qt 5.5 configure file which can be found under qtbase.

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How to build Qt 5.5 Static Libraries using any Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler

Following steps will help you with building Qt 5.5 Static Libraries with any MSVC Compiler. I have used MSVC2010 in this example but it should be the same for any compiler version from 2005 to 2015 (Visual Studio 2005 (8.0), VC++ 14.0)

Note that building Qt like this will remove all dependencies meaning there won’t be any need for MSVC dlls)

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Build Qt-Static using MSVC2010

I keep the following notes (steps) as a personal guideline for building Qt Statically using Microsoft Visual C++ and I never fail to do it but please keep in mind that these are NOT some exact steps and they need to be changed (slightly though 🙂 ) in some cases. Leave comments if you have any questions.

I have used Qt 5.4.0 with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (MSVC2010) but it is more or less the same for similar compilers and others Qt versions.

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