Full Featured VNC Client Widget for Qt

In this post I am going to share a Qt widget that allows full control (view and control) of VNC servers over TCP/IP. Using it is as simple as dropping a QWidget on your user interface and then promoting it to QVNCClientWidget. I needed this recently but was not able to find a Qt widget or any other Qt/C++ code for that matter, that supports VNC Authentication and can be used in a  real cross-platform way. So I had to gather and write this widget piece by piece and make sure it build on all platforms supported by Qt.

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How to use FTP in Qt (for Windows)

If you are in a situation that you want to upload a file to a FTP server or delete, rename, copy some files on a FTP server in your Qt programs there are no definite choices anywhere. At least that is the case with Qt 5.5. You usually have to use a platform dependent library. So here it is. I use this library when I need FTP access in Qt for Windows. It uses Windows API therefore you won’t be able to use this in Linux or MAC. Download from the link provided below (you may have to register at codeproject.com) and follow the steps to be able to use it in your Qt programs.

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