URList v1.0 for Windows


URList is free application written for Windows which allows you to export URLs from a Sitemap file which is located on the web or is downloaded to your computer.


  • Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Supports local and remote Sitemap files (XML)
  • Supports all Windows versions


How to Use

You can see the screenshots below for more information about using URList. It simply comes down to:

  1. Import you Sitemap (either from the Web or from your computer)
  2. Press Load to read the URLs
  3. Press Export to save List of URLs on the target website to a CSV file.


You can use the following button to Download URList for Windows:

URList v1.0 (24 MBs)

You can post your comments and questions below. Also please let me know if you find any issues in the program.

Fix ModSecurity Issues in Qt Network Module Download Functionality

You might have come across the following (Not Acceptable) error when trying to download files from some websites using Qt. This error message is generated by ModSecurity and it usually means that for some reason the web server does not allow downloading of the file using the method you are trying. In my case it was because of the User-Agent Header set to a value not allowed by the server. So here is how I fixed it:

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MSSQL Browser Lite v1.0 Released

First version of the lightweight and easy to use MSSQL Server Browser Lite was released today. Currently it supports easy table browsing and of course all commands as long as you intend to work with commands.

You can download MSSQL Browser Lite from its official download page and please don’t forget to let me know of any bugs or issues you may find.

Cardiograph v1.0 Released!

Today I released the first version of Cardiograph program. It is a program that allows you to measure (monitor) your heart rate using your computer’s webcam. It is designed to be simple and accurate. Currently only Windows is supported but hopefully more operating systems will be supported in the future.


Head to Cardiograph Official Page to download and try it for yourself.

Below are screenshots of Cardiograph in action:

Let me know if you face any issues.