This application allows taking pictures using existing cameras on the system, applying computer vision algorithms and then saving them. It is aimed to be a demonstration of how powerful can be a combination of C++, Qt, QML andOpenCV for writing computer vision applications for mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop (Win, macOS, Linux) Below are some screenshots:

How to Use
Use Settings View to set the Camera and CV Algorithm.

Go to Camera View and press anywhere on the video to take a picture.

Output processed image will be saved to default pictures folder and also displayed in Preview View.

For all of your questions you can contact me using the following link:



Credits & Acknowledgements

This application uses Qt Framework for its front-end and back-end programming.

This application uses OpenCV for Computer Vision algorithms.

All icons used in this application are downloaded from Flat Icon.


This application is published on Google Play and you can download, install and test it for yourself from here:


You can download source codes for version 1.1 from here:

Quick-Camera-CV Source (v1.1)