Quotes from Surrealist Manifesto by Andre Breton

in 1919, Soupault went into any number of impossible buildings to ask the concierge whether Philippe Soupault did in fact live there. He would not have been surprised, I suspect, by an affirmative reply. He would have gone and knocked on his door.

“You are no longer trembling, carcass.” This summer the roses are blue; the wood is of glass. The earth, draped in its verdant cloak, makes as little impression upon me as a ghost. It is living and ceasing to live which are imaginary solutions.

Matisse (in “La Musique,” for example), Derain, Picasso, (by far the most pure), Braque, Duchamp, Picabia, Chirico (so admirable for so long), Klee, Man Ray, Max Ernst, and, one so close to us, André Masson.


Kadın, benim için, muhayyilemi kamçılayan, sıcak yaz günlerinde zeytin ağaçlarının altına uzandığım zaman yaşadığım bin bir türlü maceraya iştirak eden, maddilikten uzak, yaklaşılmaz bir mahluktu.