Hello Qt, Hello OpenGL, Hello World

The example project that I am going to share in this post is the absolute beginner guide version of using OpenGL in Qt (Specially Qt5 and latest versions of OpenGL) which to my surprise I could not find anywhere. By checking the existing OpenGL examples in Qt I noticed they all make some assumptions about what you know about OpenGL and then go ahead and describe how to use in in Qt. [I hope, I really do] that is not what you’ll find here. So without further ado here is the most simple example.

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How to Access Android Camera Using Qt/C++

In this article I am going to describe the required steps needed for accessing Android Camera (or Default Camera Interface) using Qt. Unfortunately OpenCV does not provide a reliable way of connecting to Camera in Android so you have go for a method like this if you intend to write an Android application which uses OpenCV and Qt together. I strongly recommend that you should first read this article (which describes how to access Android Gallery from Qt) and also this article (which shows how to mix Java and C++ code in Qt) and then return here because I will be assuming that you are familiar with those processes. So if you can already access Android Gallery using Qt then continue reading the steps described below.

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How to Convert QBuffer to QString

You can convert QBuffer to QString using buffer function of the QBuffer. Here is how you can do it.

QBuffer b;
QString str = b.buffer();
qDebug() << str; // "http://amin-ahmadi.com"