How to Build OpenCV 3.4.11 for Native Android Development Using PowerShell (Windows)

One in a while I start working on an Android app with computer vision capabilities and obviously I need OpenCV for that. However, I’m not surprised that every time (or most of the time to be fair) there’s some change in the way OpenCV is built which renders my build scripts useless, or buggy at least. This is understandable because of the nature of OpenCV library and the fact that it is trying to keep up with many new features and fixes and so on. In any case, this post is a reminder of all of the things I just mentioned and a guide to help you build OpenCV for Native Android development, and especially in Qt Framework which I’ll describe in a separate post soon.

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A Simple Script to Build OpenCV 3.4.3 for Windows

Update 2019-05-25: Added notes to help with changes and possible issues caused with more recent versions of CMake.

Over the years I have written quite a few guides and tutorials that describe building OpenCV from sources for Windows, however they were mostly done using the GUI. It means you’d have to be using CMake GUI to set some parameters and then a few other actions and you’d end up building OpenCV using Visual Studio like any other VS solution. Even though it’s quite simple to build OpenCV like this, you can’t automate it and you need to perform all the required actions manually. In this post though, I’ll be sharing a few simple commands that can be put inside a batch script that will allow you to build OpenCV for any platform you like, simply by executing (or double clicking) that script!

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How to Use CMake with Qt5 and OpenCV 3 Projects

Following a number of questions that appear before me every now and then, I decided to write a post about using CMake to create and build projects using Qt5 and OpenCV 3. For those of you who are qmake fans, using CMake doesn’t mean you can’t use Qt Creator to create and build your projects. In fact, after the release of more recent versions of Qt Creator, CMake support is getting better and better, and it’s fair to say that using CMake with Qt Creator 4.5.1 is almost as easy as using qmake.

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How to Build OpenCV 3.3.X for Android

In this post I’m sharing the required steps for building OpenCV 3.3.X (to be precise, OpenCV 3.3.0 which was released about a week ago) for Android. You can also download the pre-built libraries from here but it’s always a good idea to build the libraries yourself in case you want any special configurations such as Nvidia Carotene, OpenCV World and so on. So here it is:

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