Object Detection Using Qt, C++, QML and OpenCV

In this post I’ll describe how to combine the power of Qt and OpenCV to develop a good looking and fun object detector. The method explained here contains quite a few things to learn and use in your current and future projects, so let’s get started.

How to Get Past the Infamous “Insufficient Count of Samples” Error in OpenCV Cascade Training

Many people who have tried OpenCV’s traincascade tool know about a very disturbing error which (at least at the moment) seems to have no good solution, but nevertheless this issue has a solution (even if not convenient) so we need to stick to what we have at hand. My Cascade Trainer GUI app which also uses …

OpenCV 3.2.0 Pre-Built Libraries for Android

In this post I’m sharing the pre-built libraries and binaries for OpenCV that I use to build Qt/QML and OpenCV powered apps  for Android (armeabi-v7a) phones. An example of such application is Quick-Camera-CV which I shared its source codes in a previous post.