How to Use Text to Speech in Qt for Windows

Unfortunately for Cross-Platform developers, there is no standard method or API that you can code once and use to have TTS (Text to Speech) in your programs. You may find some 3rd party libraries that allow a great deal of reusability in different Operating Systems but at some point they also prove to do less than what you require. Qt has promised to make this available for us in the near feature but it has been postponed all the time. The main reason is that there is a huge race between major Software companies (Microsoft, Google and Apple) in this field and it seems that they somehow make it work in totally different ways on purpose. So anyway that is why I decided to share the method to have TTS in Qt in all well known operating systems and I am going to start with the easiest one, which is Windows. Continue reading “How to Use Text to Speech in Qt for Windows”

How to enumerate installed Windows Media Codecs in Qt

To get a list of all available Windows Media Codecs in Qt you have no other choice but to use C++ interfaces from Windows Media Format SDK. In this post I am sharing an example source code which allows you to do that in Qt. If you are developing using Qt and MSVC compilers for Windows then  you can definitely download this source code, build and run it for yourself.

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How to use VBScript in C++ (Using Qt)

In this article I’ll explain the process of combining C++ and VBScript codes together. There are many situations in which you find yourself in desperate need of some simple code that can handle what your program wants to do. An example that comes to my mind is using DDE Protocol in Windows. It can be heartbreaking to try and write a quick DDE handling program using C++. Well on the other hand it is extremely easy using VBScript. But I am not going to talk about DDE I this post. Search Google for “how to connect to DDE using VBScript” and combine that with what you learn from this post. So here it is: Continue reading “How to use VBScript in C++ (Using Qt)”

Introduction to Support Vector Machines OpenCV 3.0.0 Example (Working version)

Following is the slightly modified version of the example for “Introduction to Support Vector Machines” that is working with OpenCV v.3.0.0 (Current version on OpenCV website only works with version 2.4.X)

I assume that you have installed OpenCV 3.0.0 on your computer successfully and you know how to add library references etc. If you have any questions please put a comment or use the “Contact Me” page.

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How to use Windows API in Qt (A simple example)

Qt is a cross-platform framework that encapsulates API across many Operating Systems but one always faces situations in which he/she needs to access and use OS specific capabilities. Windows API is a massive collection of interfaces that allow a programmer to use and include Windows features in their programs.  Below is a simple example on how to use Windows API in Qt.
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