CamStylus version 0.9.1 released!

Today I released the first official version of CamStylus program. It is a free program (currently only for Windows) which allows interaction with your PC using your webcam. It is still at the very early stages of development so keep your expectations real. I am going to update this program more and more whenever I get some spare time to make it more easier to use.

Please check out this project’s website for more information.

You can always access the latest version from Download page at CamStylus website.


I created and rendered this in Blender. There are very useful tutorials about how to create similar images. Just search Google for “Blender Cloth Simulation” and start.



What to track, learn and practice? [For Machine Vision Development]

Following is a list of libraries and software that should be learned by anyone who wants to develop in the field of AI and Machine Vision. Of course learning each one of them in a thorough manner would take lots and lots of time but to have a consistent level of knowledge in all of them would help tremendously in developing sophisticated apps and finding your way in highly complex AI related projects.

What I suggest here is a little bit Windows OS based but you can replace those items with any items that you like and that is relevant to the OS of your choice. (Even though I am all for open-source, I strongly recommend going for Windows in case of operating systems. Specially now that Windows 10 is out.)

ISS Symphony – Timelapse of Earth from International Space Station | 4K

Compilation of timelapses from the International Space Station.

Suggestions: 4K, dark room and volume up.
Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Experience (Live At Fabric, London 2013)
Editor: Dmitry Pisanko

All post production: deflickering, stabilization, noise reduction and color corrections was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.



Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

Original data: 95 623 files, 109 Gigabytes downloaded from