How to Use C++/Qt/QML/OpenCV to Write Mobile Applications

I have avoided using QML for long time and always wrote even the most simple applications using Qt Widgets and C++ code but the release of Qt’s Quick Controls 2 and Material Style just made it very irresistible and I had to go for it. Well it didn’t take too long to get a hold of things (for a newcomer) since I had enough programming experience and QML is just too well-structured and easy to learn and use. In this post I’m going to share a project that demonstrates using OpenCV in QML to write beautiful and powerful Android (and other platforms) apps.

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How to Use Qt to Create Hybrid Applications

First of all you can check this link if you don’t know what hybrid applications are and what the difference between Hybrid and Native application is. In this article I am sharing the source code of a simple application that uses Qt with a combination of C++ and QML to run Hybrid applications (written using Framework7, Ionic or on the Operating Systems of your choice (Android, iOS, WP, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).

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