QRecorder, Screen Recorder for Windows

QRecorder (version 1.0.1) is a new application I wrote for screen recording. Record your desktop activities with this simple tool. It requires no configurations and it’s easy to use. It supports all windows versions from the good old XP to the recent Windows 10. You can record part or whole of the screen. You can make QRecorder totally invisible while recording. Well, head to download page and test it for yourself. Click on the icon below to be taken to QRecorder official webpage.

QRecorder v1.0.1 for Windows


This application uses Qt Framework, OpenCV Library and icons from Freepik. All of them are credited in detail inside QRecorder. This free application is sponsored by ToTRVL.com.

How to Use Text to Speech in Qt for Windows

Unfortunately for Cross-Platform developers, there is no standard method or API that you can code once and use to have TTS (Text to Speech) in your programs. You may find some 3rd party libraries that allow a great deal of reusability in different Operating Systems but at some point they also prove to do less than what you require. Qt has promised to make this available for us in the near feature but it has been postponed all the time. The main reason is that there is a huge race between major Software companies (Microsoft, Google and Apple) in this field and it seems that they somehow make it work in totally different ways on purpose. So anyway that is why I decided to share the method to have TTS in Qt in all well known operating systems and I am going to start with the easiest one, which is Windows. Continue reading “How to Use Text to Speech in Qt for Windows”

How to enumerate installed Windows Media Codecs in Qt

To get a list of all available Windows Media Codecs in Qt you have no other choice but to use C++ interfaces from Windows Media Format SDK. In this post I am sharing an example source code which allows you to do that in Qt. If you are developing using Qt and MSVC compilers for Windows then  you can definitely download this source code, build and run it for yourself.

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Download Template Project – Qt for Android (with OpenCV)

I start Qt for Android projects all the time and setting up all the required folders and including libraries can take some time, assuming that I don’t make any mistakes during the initialization of the project. Previously I had posted this about how to add OpenCV libraries to your Qt for Android project but it proved to be not enough and I also receive questions about how to create a correct project with OpenCV all the time.

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How to use FTP in Qt (for Windows)

If you are in a situation that you want to upload a file to a FTP server or delete, rename, copy some files on a FTP server in your Qt programs there are no definite choices anywhere. At least that is the case with Qt 5.5. You usually have to use a platform dependent library. So here it is. I use this library when I need FTP access in Qt for Windows. It uses Windows API therefore you won’t be able to use this in Linux or MAC. Download from the link provided below (you may have to register at codeproject.com) and follow the steps to be able to use it in your Qt programs.

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