How to connect to a COM library using Qt (An example of how to change Skype status using Qt and Skype4COM.DLL)

I wrote this program some time ago  to change my Skype status to Online and Away at different hours during the day. I decided I could share the source code because it is a good example on how to connect to a COM library using Qt.

Following should be noted about the source code provided in this post.

  • “skype4comlib” is produced using “dumpcpp” tool so you don’t need to create it yourself, and I also didn’t create it myself 🙂
    • Please refer to this link to get information on how to use dumpcpp.
  • Skype4COM library can be found here (usually)
    • C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesSkypeSkype4COM.DLL

Post a comment if there is anything confusing about the source code.

To test it just make sure Skype is running and just run the two Qt projects included in the source code.


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