MSSQL Browser Lite is Available for Download on Softpedia

Now you can also download MSSQL Browser Lite from Softpedia. It’s marked 100% clean and it’s also 100% free. Enjoy!

Here is the download link:

Also below is the Review by Catalin Chelariu of Softpedia for MSSQL Browser Lite:

Browse local or remote Microsoft SQL Server databases and execute various commands, with this lightweight and easy-to-use application

While there are numerous utilities that can help you manage Microsoft SQL Server databases, they tend to be quite complex, which is not ideal when all you need is a simple, no-nonsense tool that allows you to browse a database and execute certain commands.

MSSQL Browser Lite, however, stands out because of its lightweight design, as it can be installed and put to use in no time at all. It enables you to browse through tables, create, delete and modify them, as well as execute SQL commands.

Simple database management utility

Naturally, you first need to install Microsoft SQL Server and set up a database if one is not already available. The application can connect to both local and remote databases.

When you first launch the program, you are presented with the Login window, and you need to provide the server and database names, as well as a valid user account and password.

Assuming the inserted data is correct, MSSQL Browser Lite then connects to the database and lists all the contained tables, and you can click them to have the application display the data in a separate panel.

Browse and manage MSSQL databases

MSSQL Browser Lite uses the latest Microsoft MSSQL Server ODBC drivers, thus ensuring that it can handle all known commands.

You can create, delete and modify tables, as well as perform any other actions supported by the SQL syntax.

Minimalistic user interface

The program’s simplicity is highlighted by its interface design, although it would have helped if the layout could be customized. As it stands, you cannot resize any of the panels, which might have come in handy in certain situations.

On the whole, MSSQL Browser Lite is a simple application that provides you with a quick and easy method of browsing and managing Microsoft SQL databases. Of course, you should not expect a comprehensive array of features, but this is a lightweight utility that does the job with no unnecessary complications.

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