How to Find a Website’s IP Address Using Qt/C++

QHostInfo class provides an static function (lookupHost) that you can use to get any host’s (including a website’s) IP address quickly and efficiently.

Here is an example of how you can get Google’s IP Address using Qt/C++:

First of all call lookupHost function and pass a callback function (SLOT) to it:

QHostInfo::lookupHost("", this, SLOT(lookedUp(QHostInfo)));

This Slot is defined in your class (i.e. MainWindow) like this:

public slots:
void lookedUp(const QHostInfo &host);

Finally lookedUp function’s implementation would look something like this:

void MainWindow::lookedUp(const QHostInfo& host)
	if (host.error() != QHostInfo::NoError)
		qDebug() << host.errorString();
		for (int i = 0; i < host.addresses().count(); i++)
			qDebug() << host.addresses().at(i).toString();

You can replace the lines starting with qDebug() to show your own custom messages and use the values for any other purpose.

Note: By running this code I got the following IP address which is’s IP address. You can copy and paste it to your browser’s address bar and check it out for yourself:

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