How to Use SVN (Revision Control) with Qt

Whether you are developing PC (and mobile) applications for a company or for yourself, revision control should be a crucial part of what you do. The two major revision control systems are Git and Apache SVN. In this post I am going to show you how simple it is to use SVN with Qt.

First of all, download and install SlikSVN. Choose the one that corresponds to your OS type and version.

No need for any special settings, just go ahead with the Typical option during installation.

Go to Tools / Options and select Version Control tab as seen below.

In this page you have to correctly set SlikSVN executale as your Subversion command (picture below) :

qt svn sliksvn

Now if you have any projects in a SVN repository, you can use commands (Commit, Update, Revert etc.) directly from Qt, as seen in the picture below:

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