OpenCV 3.2.0 Pre-Built Libraries for Android

In this post I’m sharing the pre-built libraries and binaries for OpenCV that I use to build Qt/QML and OpenCV powered apps  for Android (armeabi-v7a) phones. An example of such application is Quick-Camera-CV which I shared its source codes in a previous post

It should be noted that this build can be used on Windows only and is built with Carotene set to Off because having Carotene causes some issues and complexities. (First you might want to try official builds and see for yourself.)

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that this build is done with OpenCV World option set to On, so just a single world library to include and slightly bigger apps.

Here’s how you can add required libraries to your Qt project. Just add the following lines to your PRO file and everything will be done:


OPENCV3RDPARTYLIBS = PATH_TO_EXTRACTED_LIBS/native/3rdparty/libs/armeabi-v7a

LIBS += $$OPENCVNATIVELIBS/libopencv_world.a

	$$OPENCV3RDPARTYLIBS/liblibjasper.a \
	$$OPENCV3RDPARTYLIBS/liblibjpeg.a \
	$$OPENCV3RDPARTYLIBS/liblibpng.a \
	$$OPENCV3RDPARTYLIBS/liblibtiff.a \

You can download it from here:


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