Perspective Cropper 1.2.1 for Windows

I just released Perspective Cropper application for Windows platforms. I created this app a few months ago to quickly crop and correct the perspective distortion in a huge set of scanned documents and images. The pictures were taken using my smartphone from papers and documents laid on a table and from a few old family albums. Almost all of them had a lit bit of unwanted borders and perspective distortions and my goal was to just keep the parts I needed and remove the unwanted parts in addition to the correct and upright view of the images, as if they were scanned using a scanner.

I had to fix a few minor issues in it before it could be shared publicly and I finally managed to get some free time to do it. I hope I haven’t missed anything but if you find any problems, use the comments section or contact me page to let me know about it. At the moment it’s only available for Windows users but macOS version will also be available in the near future.

Use the link below to access the official Perspective Cropper page and download links.

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