How to Build Static FFmpeg with x264 on macOS

I had to build FFmpeg with x264 support on macO statically, so I had to look around for a bunch of scattered commands. This is why I thought I should gather them up into a single post for easier reference later on. Here’s the result.

Start by getting x264 source codes, configuring and then building them. Here is what you need to run from Terminal:

git clone
./configure --disable-asm --enable-static
sudo make install

Now, download FFmpeg source codes from the following link and extract them somewhere on your computer.

The last think you need to do, is to configure and build it. Here is how:

./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --disable-debug --disable-doc --disable-x86asm --enable-gpl  --enable-libx264  --prefix=/Users/someuser/ffmpeg-install
make install

Obviously you can modify the parameters above as it fits your needs. After the build completes, you’ll end up with the binaries inside ffmpeg-install folder (provided to the prefix parameter in configure) .

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